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What do we do

We develop custom web apps and sites. You can reach us at info@tutuf.com

Current projects

laptop.bg online shop (since 2009).

Previous projects

  1. Web based manufacturing resource planning system for apparel industry (2006-2008). Client: IPL Bulgaria
  2. Sporting site (2008-2009). Client: ultrasport.bg
  3. Web site for leased cars buyback (2009). Client: buyback.bg
  4. Dating site (2011-2012). Client: Deutsche Telekom

How do we do it

With clients

  1. We listen to you to understand what you need.
  2. We estimate roughly the time required to create a solution to your problem.
  3. We split the work in small iterations during which we implement the negotiated functionality.
  4. We deploy regularly on a staging server so that you can see and try what we have done. If you have any remarks, we address them and redeploy.
  5. We deploy to production (that is, servers your customers hit).
  6. Profit!!

With developers

Other technologies we somewhat grasp: JavaScript, Cascading Stylesheets, Hypertext Markup Language, Hypertext Transfer Protocol, Extensible Markup Language, Extensible Markup Language Schema Definition, Web Services Description Language and homemade burek (a Balkan layered pastry).

If you are reliant and continously studying developer who longs to work in a small team with remote option, contact us at info@tutuf.com

What kind of people are we

Who are we

Denitsa Belogusheva Deni, team leader

Sava Chankov Sava, devops

Akseniya Penkova Asya, developer

Gerasim Stanchev Gero, developer

Gabriela Luhova Gabi, developer

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